Healthcare Management

Transform healthcare organizations into more effective, more agile organizations that ensure excellent treatment and ensure that the entire institution is patient-centered. This change will only be possible with the participation of professionals as they are the ones who know where the problems are and how to solve them.


Strategy. Efficiency. Improvement. Security.

These are the key points for a healthcare organization to function by optimizing its resources.


  • Advice and strategic support on health management and health systems, from governments, health regions, hospitals and primary care centers.
  • Support and accompaniment in the transformation into Health / Management of cultural change.
  • Implementation of improvement proposals.
  • Drivers of change.
  • Support healthcare organizations in their transformation.
  • Diagnosis, Implementation and Monitoring of processes.
  • Design of KPIs and dashboards to monitor the deployment of the strategy.


  • Optimization of organizational and clinical processes in health.
  • Optimization of patient flows, information and material logistics.
  • Support in the design phases of new devices and transfers between hospitals.
  • We support the integration of the different services that patients have in common to facilitate flow efficiency and agreed protocols.
  • Implementation of comprehensive surgical block management systems.


  • We support the integration of different health devices because the patient-citizen does not know the boundaries between different types of care: Primary Care, Hospital Care, Mental Health Care, Socio-Health Care.
  • We avoid fragmentation to avoid the redundancy of queries, scans, and medication that consumes unnecessary resources.
  • We analyze the usual clinical practice to provide new techniques and protocols that result in better care for the patient and professionals.


  • We provide knowledge and methodology for the detection, notification and resolution of patient safety incidents.
  • We generate work networks between different devices and services.
  • We help agree on nursing care plans built into the agreed-upon protocols of the process.

Healthcare organizations need to be transformed into more efficient, more agile organizations, to ensure excellent treatment and to ensure that the whole institution is patient-centered.

The results support us in the transformation of relevant healthcare institutions.

ESSENTIA members have extensive care experience from residency to specialization, service and management leadership, from process and innovation management to first-class hospital management and primary care, along with engineering experts. applied to health, in the aforementioned institutions.

Anna Ochoa de Echagüen Aguilar
Internist, ESADE MBA and IESE CEO. More than 25 years of career in different centers (Terrassa Mutual Society, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (HUVH), ICS-IAS Girona) as a resident, deputy, center director and care director of the ICS-IAS alliance (2012 -2015). Assistant Director of HUVH (2015-2019).

Marc Sales i Coll

Industrial Engineer and MBA Expert in operations management, Lean and processes in the healthcare field. Process Engineer at ICS-IAS (2014-2016). Senior consultant at IHS Medtronic and responsible for coordinating the Surgical Process group (2016-2018). Deputy Director of Processes and Innovation at HUVH (2018-2019)
Anna Ochoa de Echagüen Aguilar
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Marc Sales i Coll
+34 610 609 401

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